Technical Adhesive Tapes

We supply a wide range of technical tapes for electrical and electronic applications including masking, splicing, insulation and coil winding.


Polyester Maskings

Polyester masking tapes resist short-term temperature exposure up to 200°C. Removable after processing with no adhesive residue.


Resists temperature exposure up to 300°C. Removable after processing with no adhesive residue.

Splicing Tapes

Single or double sided polyester tapes for demanding splicing applications.

PTFE and Teflon Glass Cloth Tapes

A range of high quality Teflon® (PTFE) coated glass fabric tapes with silicone adhesive, providing exceptional heat and chemical resistance.

Aluminium Foil

 Aluminium based tape coated with acrylic resin adhesive suitable for a variety of applications including duct sealing and masking.

Double Sided Tapes

Double sided tapes and mounting pads for applications that require adhesive on both sides, including adhesive transfer tape, cloth tape and polyester tapes.